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At, you may get medical diagnostics equipment from basic devices like weight scales and personal pulse oximeters to more upscale items like blood pressure monitors, otoscopes, and surgical instruments. To comprehend and evaluate the body’s health and vital signs, diagnostic products are created. These instruments’ data enable the user or caregiver to accurately evaluate their health. Also, these enable them to gain a deeper understanding of their body’s condition. Our customers can choose from a wide selection of premium brands of diagnostics products and tools at We provide our clients with high-quality diagnostic tools as a helpful resource

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The Riester fortelux N is a high quality, economy diagnostic penlight for pupil examination and general use.

It includes two AAA batteries, as well as a 2.5 xenon lamp. It is enclosed in a disinfectable aluminium casing for ease of cleaning and to help prevent cross-contamination in hospitals and GP practices. 

It features a helpful metal clip in order for it to be attached to a physician's coat, and has a simple on and off function through contact if the clip. 

Has a two year warranty and comes with a tongue blade holder.

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